How Can I Get My Fragrance to Last Longer/Smell Stronger?

Sometimes you find a perfume you love only to be disappointed when it wears off quickly or only smells very faint. While this can be frustrating, fortunately there are a few tricks you can try!
  1. Apply the fragrance right after a shower so it absorbs better into the skin.
  2. Misting the scent into your hair or clothes instead of directly on your skin. Fragrance tends to last longer in the fibers and hair.
  3. Applying (unscented) lotion on your skin before you apply the fragrance as hydrated skin tends to retain the fragrance longer than dry skin. 
  4. Opt for a higher concentration of the fragrance. The more essential oils, the longer your scent will last. Parfum or Eau de Parfum is strongest, then Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne comes next and finally Eau Fraiche.
  5. Layer your fragrance, for example, get the aftershave, body lotion and shower gel so the scents build on each other and last longer.
  6. Your nose generally becomes used to scents after a few hours so while you may no longer smell yourself, other people may. To avoid layering on too much scent, test it out with another person who can give a second opinion.

Unfortunately some scents are just ephemeral in nature. For instance citruses come on strong but often disappear quickly too. Hopefully this will help you enjoy them longer!
This is a series featuring fragrance Q&As from real customers