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Not impressed

As a lover of cologne I was almost certain that I would be satisfied with what was labeled the most expensive in the world. I thought I was crazy for spending more than $500 on a scent that I had never smelled before,but I was that convinced that the world's most expensive men's perfume would be an exceptional fragrance. The fragrance reminds me more of a woman's perfume as I am not exactly a big fan of floral bouquet fragrances. My honest opinion upon first smelling it, was that it reminded me of something that my grandmother used to wear on Sunday mornings to church and she shopped Woolworths.... So needless to say, it's been sitting on the back shelf behind the other cheaper but better smelling fragrances.

Authentic - Very Pleased

Same lovely scent I recall from my younger days. Delivered quickly. Happy to be wearing it again. Thank you

Very good aroma reminds me of British lime.


It's calm quiet smell is good but not great


Quick shipment and as described. My favorite perfume at an unbelievable price.

Smells great

Love it , exactly what I wanted.

Ultimate Vanilla

This was my first purchase of a traditionally feminine perfume, but I had to have it because of its historic nature. On me, I first get a fleeting citrusy aroma, accompanied by vanilla and little bit of leather. This is followed by a really funky animalic note, probably from the civet and musk. That quickly fades into a resiny, vanilla note. I could still smell a wonderful vanilla aroma on my skin 12-16 hours after applying "Shalimar." If you love vanilla-dominant perfumes, then this is for you!

Unique watery scent

This was my 2nd purchase in the Hermes "Jardin" line, and I love it almost as much as "Un Jardin sur le Nil." It is a great fragrance for a rainy day or for when you are in an introspective mood. At first this reminds me of cucumber and melon, with peppery nuances, then the coriander settles in and lingers for a very long time. What a really unique scent! It doesn't loudly announce its presence, but is more for enjoying as a personal skin scent.

Love this scent

💘 Love This Scent! Wore It Yesterday!(Wednesday) Thinking Of Wearing It On Wednesdays And Maybe Around The House When I Just Want To Smell Good.

Just what I wanted

Sort of citrusy, lightly vanilla, and very Lavender. Exactly the kind of scent I was hoping for

Classic never goes out of style

With all the new fancy fragrances that come out, certain classics can not be overshadowed.
Oscar de La Renta is one such classic.

Classic Green Scent

This was my first Guerlain purchase. It definitely goes through a soapy phase on my skin, which reminds me of the smell of soap from my grandparents' house (weird, but not unpleasant). After the soapiness dissipates, this leaves a lovely skin scent that is green and classic-smelling. It doesn't smell like a modern scent at all, and I love layering this with a fougere-style aftershave.

Fresh and great for warmer weather

This is really light and doesn't last long on the skin, but is perfect for splashing on after a bath or shower. Its scent reminds me a little of sunscreen (really citrusy), so I think of the beach when I smell this! For the price, this is hard to beat, but don't expect anything long-lasting.

Best fragrance

I am very very happy with my purchase of Trevor from Aroma. I will never buy Trevor anywhere else again. The price was phenomenal and the shipping was fast. I am a satisfied customer.


You guy’s are awesome and amazing got my item on time and I’m very satisfied thank you very much I will be ordering more soon

Clean smell

A nice clean smell. Aftershave with a subtlety is much better than an overpowering cologne and this fits the bill.

Demeter Paperback by Demeter Cologne Spray 4 oz (Unisex)
Light and fresh scent, but not really like books (at first)

This was my first Demeter fragrance purchase. I love the smell of paper in books, especially in older books, so I figured I'd give this a try. It has a very light and fresh scent that reminds me of vanilla and sugar. I do start to smell something like book paper after it has been on me for at least four or five hours, though. Overall this is very pleasant but not exactly what I was expecting.

Original Penguin

I have wanted this cologne ever since I first bought my bottle of polo blue at the perfume kiosk. The penguin bottle looks so classy and cool. Fast forward 15 years and I have finally got my hands on a bottle thanks to the excellent price on Aromi. I usually wear Lacoste white or Oxford bleu by English laundry. Maybe bleu de Chanel if I’m goin out somewhere special. My low end go to is Pure Blanc by Karen low. All of these scents are citrusy and spicy and the English laundry having a kick of vanilla. Hard to imagine citrus and vanilla being a manly scent but it is, and it’s awesome. Plus my fiancé wears it almost everyday with whatever she’s wearing that’s how much she likes it.
Onto the penguin. Apples orange and vanilla with a sweet musk. It lacks the spice I’m used to with my usual choices. Original Penguin is definitely floral and musky and a good scent. I wouldn’t mind buying a candle so my house smells like this during the fall. Almost too sweet for me to wear on a day to day. Longevity is good but it may be because I’m not used to the fragrance. Overall I am glad I bought it and will probably give it another go in the fall as the weather cools. I picture this being a scent I spray on to mix things up when my rotation gets boring. Overall I would recommend at the price I paid

Great smell

I have been wearing this cologne for years. I like something that smells clean without smelling musty or like men’s deodorant. Lacoste white gives that smell and has a very nice grapefruit and citrus opening and a little pepper after it settles in. I love it. It’s my go to signature scent and my fiancé uses it all the time also.
I ran out about a year ago and began cycling through my other collection until I can find Lacosta on sale. I usually have been wearing either English laundry Oxford bleu which is outstanding. I also like bleu de channel for special occasions but my new go to has become pure blanc by Karen low. Funny enough this is the first cologne I ever bought in high school. The same old bottle I’ve had for like 15 years still smells excellent and on my skin lasts all day compared to this new bottle of Lacoste white. I work 10 hour days and when I take my shirt off to get in the shower my fiancé is always commenting about how strong my cologn still is after only one spray in the morning. I usually only use one spray to the chest before putting on whatever shirt I’m wearing for the day.
All in all I love the Lacoste white and am glad I found it for this bargain price but I may have drifted away from it in its absence. I have worn Lacoste all week and although I absolutely LOVE the smell I am disappointed at how soon it fades compared to the $25 Karen low.
Taste and opinions change and maybe that’s all I am experiencing. After all I stopped wearing all my other scents because I fell in love with Lacoste white. Maybe with summer coming up and with more consistent use it will become my signature scent once again.


I have used it a couple times so far and really like the smell of it .

Great smell

Great smelling! The bamboo gives it a nice, crisp, grassy scent. Last on me for about 4-5 hours.

Cool smell

I just purchased Star Walker.I rate it 5 stars.Cool smell.

My Mistake: Bought After Shave not Cologne

For years I have used spray cologne "inStyle" (an impression of Obsession); however, Walgreens no longer sells it. So when I clicked on the Aromi site the cologne came up for women, so when I switched to the men, I did not realize it was After Shave ($33). So I was happy with the White Diamonds parfume for my wife, but was disappointed with the Obsession being an after shave.