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Perfect way to find your scent

Fantastic selection, coupled with great customer service, makes for a great experience

Thank you so much! Hope you found some new fragrances you like!
Love it

Really like the scents good pricing

Glad you're enjoying the samples!
Cologne samples

Super happy with the variety and price for cologne samples. Our shipment came in a timely manner. Very pleased all around!

Glad to hear it got there promptly — hope you enjoy trying out the fragrances!
Perfect Package

As someone new to this world of colognes, being able to not spend a ton to try out a bunch of different options has really helped me on my journey.

So glad we could be of help, hope you found a fragrance you enjoyed!
Purchase without ever smelling the scent

I did a bunch of research on some good colognes. I bought this one without ever having smelled the scent. It was better then I expected.

Glad you're enjoying it! This has been a best-seller for years, very versatile and clean, a good one to have in your collection.
Great product

Love the opportunity to try these scents without paying for larger sizes! Makes finding the perfect scent so much easier. So far the selections have been great

We agree 100% — we always encourage people new to fragrance to start out with samples or minis first to learn what they like. Glad you like your picks!

The samples were great

So glad you found some you liked!
Complement Monster

This scent is a complement monster. Everywhere I go women complement me on this cologne. Lasts a long time. And projects well. Love this cologne!

Glad you're enjoying it! And yes, this cologne is def a crowd pleaser.

Great! Would buy again.

Glad you’re enjoying it!

Didnt realize how small samples were. But all and all quick fast service samples are a squirt and a half. Next time I will get something bigger to actually be able to wear it more than once

Thanks for your feedback on the samples — we'll add a note on the Samples Offer page to explain the size more clearly so buyers know what to expect. We also have a mini's offer ( which might be more in line with what you were looking for. I will follow up with more details via email.
Coach men’s cologne

Smells so good

It is easy on the nose, isn't it? Glad you're enjoying.
Great scent

Great scent. Goes on light with a citrus kinda scent but dries with a woodsy manly smell. Enjoy this scent a lot. Doesn't project as well as I'd like but still get complements on it so it's obviously good enough.

Thanks for the review and glad you're enjoying!
It’s Great!

I really love the smell because it isn’t too strong but isn’t weak either. Smells great and last for hours.

Glad you're enjoying the scent — it's a great all-purpose fragrance!
Vera wang

The scent wear off quick

We’re sorry to hear that! While every fragrance/personal chemistry combination reacts different, here’s some tips to lengthen the wear of your cologne:

• Apply perfume directly after a shower as the extra moisture helps lock in the scent.

• Especially if you have dry skin, apply moisturizer before the fragrance as again, extra moisture helps keep the fragrance smelling strong.

• Apply your perfume to pulse points such as the wrists, neck, insides of elbows or even back of your knees and use your body temperature to keep the fragrance going strong.

• Don't rub a perfume in — contrary to popular opinion, that actually breaks the molecules down and decreases the life of the perfume.

• Try applying the fragrance on your clothes or hair — often hair or cloth holds a scent better than skin does.

• Finally: be aware that your nose might be desensitized to the scent. Often after a few hours of wearing a fragrance, we no longer smell it though people around us still can and this can lead to overapplying a scent. You might double check that the scent is really gone before reapplying.

Hope that helps! We will also reach out via email.

Different but cool

Great to have on hand for traveling.

Glad you're enjoying the purchase! We love the rollerball format as well. Can't wait until more brands feature them.
Love This Perfume

The Aromi has an extensive collection of perfumes and decent prices. Questions are answered promptly and thoroughly. This is my favorite perfume so I was happy to see it on this site. I would buy from here again!

Glad you're enjoying your purchase! Always happy to be of assistance.

Great transaction. Thanks!

Glad you're enjoying your fragrance!

This website has an awesome selection, and I was able to snag a few perfumes from this site that I wasn't able to find elsewhere. Loved scrolling through the perfumes listed here, and I spent waaayyy too many hours looking at all the pretty choices. This perfume was part of my order, and it's got a great base and still subtle enough for every day. It's a cozy kind of scent, with lots of vanilla. Shipping was much faster than I expected (apx 2 days to arrive!) and the price point was great. Way better price here than anywhere else . Also, super nice customer service. I can't wait to make my next purchase from here! Thanks!

Love this!

I had fun on this website, and spent toooo many hours going down the perfume rabbit hole. I finally decide to purchase this perfume and I'm so happy with it. It's got a really fun and playful smell, and it's light enough for daily errands and mom life. It arrived at my doorstep faster than I expected. Overall, great shopping experience and I'd purchase from this company again.

Cool, not overpowering

This is a great scent. I often struggle to find scents I enjoy that are bright and fresh, and this one hits all the notes just right. It's stronger than some of the other colognes I've used though, so I've had to adjust what I put on in the morning. It's definitely something that gets noticed without overpowering anyone.

Thanks for your review! Glad to hear you're enjoying your new fragrance.
Exactly what I expected

Exactly what I expected

Glad you are enjoying your fragrance!

After reading a few reviews about Encre Noire, I decided to give it a shot. This has possibly been my best blind buy yet and I recommend it. Strong notes of cypress and vetiver; it's definitely something to wear during cooler/colder months

Shipping was fast and the price (I felt) was a steal!

Thanks for your review! Glad to hear you're enjoying your new fragrance!
Great transaction. Thanks!

Great transaction. Thanks!