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Very Good

Very Good delivery time and got everything I ordered.

Smells awesome!! Candy shop

I ordered this about a week ago. The perfume doesn’t smell too good when It is in the bottle but when you spray it on yourself and give it a minute or two, it smells amazing!! Just like candy. I love it!! Smell doesn’t last all day but pretty close (6-8hrs). Shipping was super fast! Best price around too. I can’t compare it to anything I’ve tried. Prev vs scent was too weak, not like this one. Sugar, candy, amazing! The body spray doesn’t even compare

Great product

Definitely a great product. Like the design of the product. I bought it for my husband’s birthday. He used to use it long time ago when we were just dating. Love how it smells :) I’m bad at explaining but one thing I can say for sure.... its smell brings butterflies into my stomach ahahaha ❤️

Love my Burberry Weekend

I've tried to find the last one on the shelves. DISCONTINUED!! So sad need more...

Smells like cotton candy

Love this scent. Smells like cotton candy. Sweet and light.
I ordered 2. One for me and one for a friend.
I get tired of regular perfume. This is a fun scent.

Crisp and light

This was ordered for my grandson age 17. It has a very clean scent. Lasts about 4 hours.

Very nice

What I was looking for. Easy to wear everyday at work. Lasts longer than I thought. Changes with time. Great for the price. Highly recommend.

Cool Water

Cool smell. Gave as a gift and it was well received. Pleasant surprise.

Ck Eternity Air

Awesome light smell! Love it for everyday use! Very mild n calming.

Flash by Jimmy Choo

This smell is amazing. Definitely draws attention!


My first purchase of a nice fragrance. Absolutely fantastic! No regrets. Easy to order and fast shipping


Been looking for this fragrance for a while. Was one of my favorite everyday fragrance! Takes me back...

CK One

Quick delivery time. Was so happy when i got 1 of my favorite fragrances!


I am mesmerized by the fragrance,
Thanks Aromi.

The absolute best and authentic

This original eau de cologne was used by my grandmother to apply to me head for a cooling effect whenever I had headaches. When I heard about it, I wasn’t sure it was the same. After using it, it reminds me of those days and brought back memories of the past.

A wonderful classic!

One of the best perfumes ever invented!

Best Cologne

Best and longest lasting cologne IMO. Product arrived promptly and is authentic. Great customer service from Larissa! Will buy again.

ASPEN by Coty Cologne Spray 4 oz for Men
Paul R.
Aspen review

Smells like an Aspen tree but with soapy aspect. Not very strong, lasts about 3hrs.


Quant essential barbershop smell, not very strong, nor does it last that long 3hrs at most.

Royal Copenhagen Review

Has a masculine clean vanilla smell, not very strong nor long lasting like 3hrs at most. It is the non spicy version of Stetson(Original).

Bentley intense smells awesome thanks for delivering a quality cologne will be using this site again.

Last fairly long; ok scent

I purchased based on a review site…it’s ok, but not a favorite.

Great flowery perfume

Really nice strong scent. Pretty and not too heavy. Like a sugary flower. Love it.


Nice light fresh scent I like it and it isn’t too strong

BURBERRY by Burberry Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

Love the fragrance. Like Burberry in general especially Burberry Body (both the cologne and perfume. Very satisfied with the purchase.