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How do you layer fragrances?

How do you layer fragrances?

Whether you want to create a unique personal scent, fill in weaknesses with a favorite perfume, make a fragrance last longer, or just experiment, layering fragrances can be a great way to get creative and make a unique new fragrance.

There are several ways to layer fragrances. 

The simplest is just to use various versions of the same scent (aftershave + body lotion + perfume, etc). This is great if you like the scent but find it wears off too quickly. The layers of fragrance will reinforce each other.

Another way is to combine two or more fragrances with compatibilities. For instance some citrus colognes you might find you really like the top notes (what you smell immediately after spraying) but it doesn't last very long (that's a common issue with citrus fragrances).

You could layer it with a fragrance that has a weak opening but has a strong musk or wood base that gives it good longevity.

There are also fragrances like bergamot or patchouli that are very good team players and are good at augmenting other scents.

Layering also requires an element of creativity, patience and luck — I wouldn't recommend spraying on several scents before a big meeting or date and hoping for the best.

Get to know the scents individually and then try out a combination when you have a quiet day at home and see how it develops. Then you can wear it confidently the next time!

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