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Best of Burberry for Men Fragrance Collection:2024 Edition

The Best Burberry Fragrances for Men 2024

A Bit About Burberry and The Ratings

About Burberry:

Burberry, a renowned British luxury brand, is celebrated for its distinctive line of fragrances that blend classic and contemporary scents.   Burberry launched its first fragrance for men "Burberry for Men" in 1981.  The fragrances often feature a harmonious mix of traditional and modern notes, appealing to a broad range of preferences. So, how do you pick from the collection? No worries, we're here to guide you through the Top 5 Burberry for Men scents, rated by people across the globe. 


The Best of Burberry for Men Grading System:

  • Reviews were gathered from across the internet making sure we captured a broad range of perspectives.

  • Each Burberry for Men fragrance was rated on a point scale from 1-10 with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.

  • Each fragrance was rated on the following categories: Scent, Longevity, Projection (can others smell it), Value, and Bottle design.



The Top 5 Burberry for Men Buys 2024

Number 1: Coming in at #1 on our list of Burberry for men, is London by Burberry.  This scent falls into the “Woody/Spicy” category and gets top grades for the overall scent as well as the value of the fragrance.  

  1. The fragrance tends to perform best in the colder months given the spicy notes.

    The projection and longevity of this fragrance is rated on the higher end of the range as well meaning that this should be a solid wear for the day and that others in your vicinity will smell it as well but definitely not noted as being very overpowering to others.

    The bottle design is the classic Burberry stripes with a fabric cover marrying the design house with the fragrance house at Burberry for Men.

Number 2: The Beat by Burberry.  This scent has been referred to as one of the more “underrated” fragrances in the Burberry for Men collection that really deserves an audience.  Released in 2015, this certainly isn't the newest “Sweet/Leather/Woody” combo to hit the market but it might have been a bit before its time.

  • This scent consistently gets top rated results for both Scent quality and overall Value.  This also performs extremely well in the Longevity category making it a very close runner for 1st place.  Bottle design is typical Burberry class.   Reviewer notes about the projection tend to place it about a foot radius from the area where it is sprayed making it office ready.  Again, this one will not overpower the room.  
  • Additional note regarding versatility. Like our Number 1 pick, this one tends to perform a bit better in colder weather but is also a day to nighttime wear.  Easily something that can be worn to the office and then out for drinks!

Number 3: Burberry Touch EDT

Our number 3, Burberry Touch, is also classified as a “Spicy/ Woody” fragrance but the base notes on this one settle into more of “fresh” clean scent.  This one also throws serious 2000 vibes for many and given what we know already about 2024 and our fragrance predictions, fragrances that take hints from the decades past are coming back around. This throwback quality makes Burberry Touch a perfect candidate for our updated Best of Burberry for Men.

  • As far as ratings go, this one still comes in with high marks for overall Scent quality and Value.  Where we start to see some differentiation is with the Projection and Longevity.  Not a poor performer by any stretch but this one will get you about 6 hours of wear time and closer to about ½ an arm length of projection.  Keep in mind that this one is an EDT and not a Parfum which is why we see a slightly lower price point and a little less wear longevity.
  • The bottle design, while not overly “Burberryesq” like the others, is still sleek and gives off the luxury vibes that we would expect from the brand.
Burberry Inspired Fashion

Number 4: Hero by Burberry

The face of this next Burberry for Men pick is none other than Mr. Adam Driver, actor and U.S. Veteran. 

  • Released in 2022, this selection is one of the newest on the list of Best Burberry for Men and the price point can be out of reach for some. However, the scent profile is a bit of a departure from the others in the collection.  Keeping on trend with 2022/23, this scent was designed as a “Sweet/Woody” fragrance with an underlay of “Water”.  This one is an Oregon beach in a bottle.
  • High marks for Scent with this given note profile.  Again, this one is an EDT so we are going to see a bit less Longevity and Projection than with a parfum.   Like “Touch”, we see a departure in bottle style from the typical Burberry markings but in our opinion, the scent notes make up for it.

"Pine needles blended with benzoin and incense, with a trio of cedarwood oils at the base. A powerful fusion reminiscent of a forest close to the ocean."

Burberry Hero, Burberry for Men

Number 5: Burberry Brit EDT

Rounding out the Top 5 of our Best of Burberry for Men list is Burberry Brit. Classify as a “Spicy/Woody” fragrance, this combo also features Tonka bean in the base which is going to add a note of sweetness. In our opinion, just the right amount to balance out the fragrance.

  • The Scent is balanced and features notes that will continue to reign supreme in 2024 (Tonka and all things Vanilla).  The price point certainly opens this fragrance to a bit of a larger consumer base and we get to see the classic Burberry styled bottle back again.  Reminds you of a British man in a plaid, double-breasted suit. 
  • As an EDT, this will feature less fragrance oil than other concentrations so while some report significant wear time and fair Projection, your body chemistry will dictate Performance.


Burberry for Men is a renowned and classic, designer fragrance house that has prided itself on male presentation.  From the fashion house to the fragrance line, Burberry for Men should be a staple in the male fragrance wardrobe.  Versatile and yet distinct, Burberry for Men always has something to be enjoyed.  

The Author

Nicole Barrett

The Author:Nicole Barrett

Nicole is intrigued by the mind body connection, especially as it relates to the power of scents.  When not blogging about the best of Burberry for Men, Nicole is typically found with her kids and her pets.