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Jimmy Choo: Illicit Flower

Launched in 2016, Illicit Flower is the perfect spring perfume with a balance of bright fruits and flowers contrasting with musky wood undertones. Apricot and mandarin give it a zesty opening followed by a blossoming of rose, jasmine and freesia. In the dry down the sandalwood and musk base appear.

Why I love it: It's a light, discrete scent great for work or anywhere I want a subtle fragrance.

Creed: Green Irish Tweed

Released in 1985, Green Irish Tweed is a clean, timeless cologne designed by Olivier Creed. It’s designed to evoke a walk through the Irish countryside so as you’d expect, it's a green, grassy fragrance with a sparkle of citrus.

Why I love it: Contrary to many of the loud, blockbuster colognes from the 1980s, this one is a true classic that I wear regularly.