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Our Story

The Aromi story isn’t just about fragrances; it’s about rediscovery, empowerment, and personal expression. We are a small, woman and veteran owned business on a mission to help people tap into memories and wellbeing through scent.

My journey into the world of scents was born from a fragrance sensitivity (and I completely get the irony). Fragrance sensitivity impacts over 80 million people and can take many forms.  In my case, I would suffer from headaches that would require me to completely wash off any of the fragrance to feel better. Every so often, when I found a scent I loved, I would try again and typically end up in the same situation. The world of perfumes felt inaccessible, a realm where I couldn’t belong. Until one day, I discovered Guerlain, completely by accident. 

Standing in a store at a checkout counter with my young daughter, she inadvertently sprayed me with a tester that had been sitting on the counter.  My first reaction was horror given my prior experience with scents. Realizing that there was an issue, the woman behind the counter calmly explained that Guerlain was far more natural than most fragrances.  That my reaction to prior scents was more than likely due to harsh chemicals being used but that I should feel comfortable wearing Guerlain.  She was right.  I went through the day with a wonderful scent and no adverse reactions.   It was then that I realized that the right fragrance isn’t just about smelling good; it’s about feeling good, in harmony with oneself.  

Inspired by this revelation, I embarked on a mission to help others like me. We want to help you discover the world of fragrance on your terms. Whether you’re sensitive to strong scents, looking for something uniquely you, or seeking a fragrance house that aligns with your own personal statement, we are here to guide you. 

At our core, we understand the challenges of finding the right fragrance. We celebrate diversity in choices and preferences. Our range includes carefully selected scents from brands across the world. We also only select authentic fragrances. We do not buy testers, open box, or from sources that can not guarantee authenticity.

We invite you to join our journey. Explore, experiment, and express yourself through the art of fragrance. With us, you’re not just choosing a perfume; you’re embracing a part of yourself. Let’s discover the world of fragrance together, on our terms, in our way. #FragranceJourney #SensitiveNosesWelcome #DiscoverScent #GuerlainLove #InclusiveBeauty