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Best Gucci Cologne for Men in 2024: Discover Our Top Picks

Written by: Nicole Barrett



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Entering the World of Gucci Cologne for Men

Today we are diving into the world of Gucci cologne for men, and let me tell you, it's exciting! Gucci, a name known for luxury and style had a strong scent catalog coming into 2024 and we tell you our Top 3 picks.  Whether you are getting ready for  a special event or just want to smell great everyday, there's a Gucci cologne out there that's perfect for you.

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Top Gucci Cologne Pick: Gucci Intense Oud

Gucci Intense Oud, released in 2016, and is a fragrance noted for it's amber and oud base with smoky accents.  Although this Gucci fragrance is billed as a “Unisex” fragrance, it does lean a bit more masculine.

Since it's release, the trend of wear of this Gucci cologne has been quite impressive.  Year over Year we are seeing more and more people favorite this scent.  Gucci Intense Oud also continues to rank as one that is on the “men's most wanted” list.

The “nose” or designer behind this scent is Aurelien Guichard.  Guichard had created a wide range of fragrances, amassing a portfolio of 167 different scents for brands like Burberry, Versace, Armani, and of course, Gucci. 

Overall Rating:4.46/5.0



  • Long Lasting: Offers 10-12 hours of longevity on the skin.
  • Pleasant Evolution: Starts with smoky incense and subtle olibanum, transitioning into a wearable olibanum note combined with amber and light Oud.
  • Good Sillage: Projects better with movement, enhancing its appeal.



Watch Outs:

  • Seasonal Limitations: Best suited for fall and winter, as its intensity can be overpowering in warmer seasons.
  • Light Oud: Oud is not the prominent note, which might be unexpected by some but welcomed by others depending on preference.

Our Second Gucci Cologne Pick: Gucci by Gucci (New)

Gucci by Gucci was originally launched in 2008 by the Gucci cologne brand.  In 2020, we saw a “new” release of the fragrance that seemed largely the same formulation but with an updated bottle design.

This is a masculine fragrance that is designed to appeal to the modern and “charismatic” man.  The Top Notes of the fragrance are bergamot, violet, and cypress which create a slightly green and floral intro. Middle notes of tobacco leaves and jasmine that create a rich, aromatic quality.  Base notes of patchouli, amber, incense, and leather, make a warm, deep, and slightly smoky end. 

Rating 4.02/5.0



  • Versatile Sophistication: The bend of fresh, aromatic, and warm notes makes this Gucci cologne a sophisticated choice that's suitable for various occasions.
  • Distinctive Yet Classic: The combination of traditional elements like tobacco and leather with modern notes makes this a timeless yet contemporary fragrance.



Watch Outs:

  • Modern Longevity and Sillage: Some users might find that this fragrance doesn't last as long as they would like.  This is one that if you are planning on being out from morning to night, bring a travel bottle to touch up.
  • Not a Light Scent:  If you are looking for a fresh scent, the incense and leather combo might make this not as appealing to you.

Our Third Gucci Cologne Pick: Gucci Guilty Intense

Gucci Guilty Intense is a popular choice for those who like strong and exciting scents.  Originally released in 2011, which is a few years after the original, Gucci Guilty, line was launched.  The idea was to make, as the name implies, a bolder and stronger version of Gucci Guilty.

Top notes of this fragrance are pink pepper and mandarin orange.  Middle notes are lilac and violet.  Base notes are the patchouli and amber combination that we have seen in other parts of the Gucci cologne line-up.

Rating 3.83/5.0



  • Intense and Lasting:  This one does what it came to do and tends to stick around on the skin for all day wear.
  • Fancy and Bold: If you need a confidence boost or are attending a special occasion, this is the scent for you.



Watch Outs:

  • Might Be Too Strong For Some: Because it is so intense, some people might find it too strong if they tend to prefer lighter, cleaner scents.
  • Popularity: This one is extremely popular and continues to be a highly purchased fragrance.  If you are looking to stand out in the crowd, this might not be the one for you.

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Gucci makes some interesting colognes that smell amazing!  Each one is special in its own special way. Gucci Intense Oud is one of the newest to the line-up and is really targeting the change in scent profiles by bringing an Oud to the catalog.  “Gucci Pour Homme by Gucci” is about being cool and modern, perfect for when you want to feel extra stylish.  Gucci Guilty Intense, is super strong and bold, for when you need that confidence lift and are looking to feel like you  need extra “power” behind you.  The popularity of this fragrance house speaks to the ability to offer modern classics as well as re-invent itself to address more modern consumers.

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The Author: Nicole Barrett

When Nicole is not blogging about Gucci Cologne's, she is spending time with her family and her 3 dogs.  Nicole is passionate about the mind body connection and believes that the power of scent and wellness is still a largely untapped area.